Friday, May 20, 2011

Symmetrical Blocks

Here's another Fretography exercise which brings out the diatonic symmetry of the four top strings in the key of C.

The diagram above shows all the notes of the upper string group from the open strings to the 10th fret. The note positions are highlighted in colors which correspond with their intervallic symmetry. Below is notation for playing the indicated blocks in a symmetrical sequence. The notes of the Axis positions (amber verticals) are not included in the exercise, but are shown for reference.
The purpose of an exercise like this is to visualize the note positions between the axes. Notice that each side of the overall pattern spans four frets. All the notes of the top four strings which fall between the axes are accessed within these two positions. This is simply a way of learning the positions of the natural tones which is not based on a scale pattern, but rather - upon a symmetrical array.

The diagram below shows the same kind of symmetry within the lower 3-string group.
Here's the notation for playing the lower string pattern;

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