Monday, March 28, 2016

Lessons in Fretography

 I offer one on one guitar lessons for all levels in San Francisco. The Fretography® method is an integral part of the lessons. The beginner learns to find their way around the Fretboard from day one. The more experienced player will find new pathways to explore any range of musical possibilities.

What you get from Fretography® that you won't get from other methods is a full awareness of the entire fretboard rather than just a piecemeal approach to chords and scales. You can apply this to any style of music instantly. You don't need any prior musical knowledge, it's all in the method.

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Beginning students learn the basics of theory, technique and fingerboard navigation. Starting with simple chords and rhythms, then adding melodic and harmonic ideas, you'll make rapid progress toward your musical goals. A six or ten lesson series also includes my 181 page textbook 'Fretography®' - a $21 value - at no extra cost.

More advanced students further develop their understanding of improvisation, composition and accompaniment by studying such things as chord inversions, contrary motion, hybrid picking styles and more.

If you'd like to schedule lessons or have any questions contact me by phone at (415) 221-3920 or email.

If you prefer, you can pay for lessons through PayPal by selecting the lesson and clicking the Buy Now buttons below, or you can pay when you arrive for your scheduled lesson.

My rates are as follows;

At my location - 3942 Balboa Street (2 blocks south of Geary near 41st Avenue, San Francisco)

Single lesson rate: $50 per hr/lesson.
6 lesson discount rate: $270 paid ahead. 
($45 per hr/lesson, also includes my 181 page textbook 'Fretography®' - a $21 value - at no extra cost.) 

10 lesson discount rate: $400 paid ahead. 
($40 per hr/lesson, includes 'Fretography®' book)

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