Sunday, June 28, 2015

Treble Chain

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This pattern is based on the same essential principle as the previous pattern; a set of arpeggios in X shapes combined with an underlying set of diamond patterns. The geometry yields a musical idea which follows a logical interval structure. Each X in this pattern is played as two arpeggios.

The diamonds are played; Root - 3rd - 7th - 9th. The green X is the exception, as it was in the previous pattern, consisting of a 10th and an Octave combined with a Tritone and a Whole Tone. 

Here are diagrams, notation and sound clips for each part of the pattern;
Dorian X
D minor 11th / F major 7th / E minor 7 (b9)

Lydian X
F major 9 / A minor 9th / G dom 9th

Aeolian X
A minor 11th / C major 7th / B minor 7 (b5 b9)

Ionian X
C major 10th / D Octave

The Big Picture
Here's the combined pattern covering the entire fret board in the key of C and as Roman numerals;
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This is the same pattern featuring Roman numerals which apply to all keys.

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