Monday, March 27, 2017

The III Zone Arpeggio

Previously, we've looked at the Center Zone Arpeggio and the VII Zone Arpeggio. Now we'll look at the III zone.

In the Key of C, this zone is the first pattern on the fretboard anchored in the open strings. Of course, like all the other zone patterns, it can be shifted up the fretboard for each key. The shape of the pattern is the same no matter what fret position it's played. You only need to adjust your fingering from the open position to the moveable version.

Notice that there are two arpeggios shown in the diagram, one delineated in green, one in the background in grey (the "shadow arpeggio"). Play them both all the way through, then use the notation below to play each as a "coil" — three notes at a time, returning to the 2nd note of the previous 3 note sequence, etc. There are sound files below the diagram for reference.

The green pattern begins on the 3rd scale degree (E in the key of C Major) and finishes on the 5th scale degree (G in C Major). The grey pattern begins and ends on F, the 4th scale degree of C Major. 
(The fingering shown is for the open position. Since this pattern has a 4-fret-span, when playing it anywhere but the open position, just use one-finger-per-fret alignment and don't shift your hand within the pattern.)

(III Zone Arpeggio - ascending and descending)

(III Zone Shadow Arpeggio - ascending and descending)

(III Zone Arpeggio Coil - 
ascending and descending)

(III Zone Shadow Arpeggio Coil 
 - ascending and descending)

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