Wednesday, October 11, 2017

More about the Minor 11th Arpeggio (Part 2)

This form of the Minor 11th arpeggios has the Roots on the 6th string with each Minor 11th topping out on the 3rd string followed by two additional intervals. Notice that the two shapes differ by only the positions of the IV and the VII on the 2nd string.

The Major 7 sharp 11 

In addition to the Minor 11ths, there is one other 11th arpeggio which is built on a symmetrical interval pattern. In the case of the Major7th sharp 11, the pattern is inverted so that it begins and ends with a Major 3rd and has a minor 7th (VI)  at its center.
The interval structure of the Major 7 sharp 11th is: 

Root <major 3rd> 3rd <minor 3rd> 5th <major 3rd> 7th <minor 3rd> 9th <major 3rd> 11th
.. which is the only other symmetrical 11th arpeggio aside from the twin minor 11ths. There is only one Major 7 sharp 11 and it 'straddles' the tritone, being rooted in the IV of a key and ending on the VII.

Below you see the arpeggio rooted in F in the key of C major ...
Next let's see the Major 7 sharp 11 as it fits into the symmetry of the Minor 11ths ...

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