Thursday, October 5, 2017

More About the Minor 11th Arpeggio

Apart from and underlying its symmetry on the fretboard, the structure of the twin minor 11th arpeggios is something to think about from a theory perspective.

Understanding this symmetry on its own, away from the fretboard, will strengthen your awareness of the how all arpeggio sequences relate to every key.
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The diagram above shows the symmetrical interval structure of the two minor 11ths. Notice that there is only one instance of two consecutive minor 3rds and no instance of two consecutive major 3rds. Knowing this, you can navigate the fretboard with greater certainty. Think how useful it is simply to know that there are never two consecutive half-steps in a diatonic scale, or how the minor 3rd/whole-step sequence works in a pentatonic scale.

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