Wednesday, April 25, 2018

"Goes to Eleven" (Commonalities in Diatonic Zones VII and III)

The VII Zone and the III zone are the only two patterns which contain all the notes of a key across all six strings within single hand positions. There are a few interesting similarities in the arrangement of notes within these two patterns. Knowing their common characteristics will give you an edge in finding your way around as you play.

Here we see all of the 3rds which align the same way in both zones. Since the same exact fingerings happen in two places within any key, if you practice these forms in one position you are practicing the other at the same time. Your muscle memory will thank you.

The first diagram shows the patterns using Roman numerals which are the same for every key. Notice the differences in the peripheral notes between the two patterns. As you become familiar with the highlighted patterns, you can start adding the other notes in, being aware of how these notes relate to the commonalities.

The next diagram shows the patterns in the key of F:

Here is notation for the patterns in the key of F:

Next, here's the pattern in the key of G:
Try playing the VII Zone ascending and the III Zone descending at a steady tempo: