Wednesday, May 9, 2018

More Commonalities: Two For the Price of One

You are looking at the common notes of the VII and III zones. The starred note positions are the IV (C) and VII (F#) of the Key of G. Notice that when these stars are excluded, both zones are geometrically identical:

 When the C and the F# are removed the remaining notes follow the same geometry even though they are in different places within the key. Notice the grey ellipses which indicate the 'half-step cluster' positions ...
There are many ways this patten can be brought into your repertoire. Consider that you can use precisely the same fingerings in both positions and never go outside the key. That's two notes for the price of one.
Using scale degrees, you can move the pattern to any position. There will always be two patterns in any key in the same relative positions as dictated by the ket degrees.

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